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In 2006, Clive Humby famously said that data is the new oil. The passing years have shown that Humby was right about the dominant role of data in modern business. Behind the latest business giants, there are no longer fossil raw materials, but clever ways to refine and utilize vast amounts of data.

Like Oil, Data is worthless until it is processed and refined. However, there is one crucial difference. Unlike oil, data is not finite, it is renewable and reusable, and the amount of data will only expand as time passes. Businesses see Data as an asset and almost without it, developing new Products, Services, and Ideas is almost impossible.

Just like any other field of knowledge producing new Data Models require a vast amount of expertise and experience.


Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.

Edwards Deming


We've decided to go right ahead and begin with the most important part of this website. What is it that we actually do, and how does it benefit you? We assumed some questions and tried to best answer them as clearly as we could. Because we truly believe that most of the world's problems are rooted in bad communication.

What Is Information Engineering?

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The short answer is: Taking Advantage Of DATA To Make A BETTER DECISION.
The long answer is: Sometimes intuitively we think what is right and what is wrong.